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May 4 ’19, the day of coach connect gave me an unforgettable learning. And as it is said that sharing is caring,hence I am here with my perspective on that learning which I gained this day. -Courtesy Sister BK Shivani. It was her session,we were a group of about 50 coaches from DNCR chapter and […]
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Shame Guilt

Shame Or Guilt

We all have faced the two sibling emotions- Shame and /or Guilt. They always left me mulling over which is better of the two demons, since these are unavoidable, and I got my reply today. “Shame makes YOU feel as a culprit and brings all kind of negativity in you and you start avoiding certain […]
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Tonality’ -Sounds a bell?

You might want to always be a winner in whatever you do, isn’t it? Well, that was a hypnotic statement! But on a micro level, is there any element of doubt in it? I am trying hard,let’s see what happens?”. Try saying it in a nervous mental state and little low tone. Hmmm! well was […]
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It's My Plan

It’s my plan B

I was on my knees, the muzzle of a 9mm pistol was staring at my temple. All the prayers I had known in my lifetime were running through my head. And was I scared? Boy, I was terrified. But how did I end up there in the first place? The day had begun normal, Alarm, […]
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Best Emotional intelligence courses

El and my Kinley Water bottle

Consciousness, Mindfulness, Resilience, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Self-management, Social-Awareness, Relationship Building, Happiness, Presence, Leadership, Open-minded, Positive Intention, Adaptability, Sociability, Emotion Perception, Emotion Expression, Acceptance, Emotion Regulation, Optimism, Positive Psychology, assertiveness seems like a long list? In fact, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s get into flashback, so I had a long day today which […]
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