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El and my (Now Gone) Kinley water bottle

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Thank you all for giving me enough fuel and trigger to write my next piece. SO, only for the rule sake of any story telling episode, here is my recap- it was my water bottle and my perspective of El that I could see, hear, feel , smell and taste all over. And I had deboarded the metro to reach my destination, while I was waiting to exit the gate, the lady ahead of me got stuck with her token. It was a mad rush to exit and this lady was incessantly hitting the token slot in the hope of the token doing its magic. I felt stuck too, and for a moment I felt like moving to some other queue. But her rural appearance, simple aura, mid-forties age and something unknown and unlabeled stopped me from leaving her there. Practically, I was on the tight wire to reach the venue, and also had no authority to do something for her; but hey I could call the deputed personnel there to help her. And in another 10 seconds I exactly did it and did exit. Was it being aware of her problem and limitation to come out of this situation, I am sure. What do you think?

Anyways, my day had just started to gain momentum; I hired an auto for INR40/- though I was told the venue was at a stone throw distance, but knowing myself that I am not comfortable looking around for someplace on foot, I took the ride. And he only took one left and I saw the venue,I clearly felt the pinch of being fleeced. Could I have done something? Most probably scolded him, but solving what purpose? Or may be gave him some moral lecture, would it have really helped? May be, may be not. I could have walked down very easily, but knowing myself I didn’t take any chance. Time was running and this parallel concern took a backseat, I paid him the promised fare with the feeling of being unnecessarily charged.

Now the hassle was to find the way to the right block in the building, and as I was entering, the guard on duty stopped me and asked to sign the register. I felt guilty (labeling my emotion) of not abiding by the protocol, I signed it and as well utilized the opportunity of asking for his guidance. As he was about to guide me, a Fortuner stopped at the gate and this guard was perhaps too high on compliance trait, so much that he dropped, no actually deleted the thought of guiding me and started looking for someone from the vehicle to get down and sign the register. Hmm, Just a moment back I was feeling guilty, and this moment I was feeling ignored. But, I had no time to crib even with in me and I am completely aware that you are on your own when not with your family.(This may be my myopic view towards friends, but such is my experience. For records, I used ‘ALWAYS’ and hence this view).

I reached the hall and was greeted by fraternity member, I made myself comfortable and begun to wait for the event to start.

By now, I have been narrating the day in a story telling format building visualisation by using more action words, I also am building a drama angle by elaborating the emotions so that you all get a hang of being self-aware, socially aware and managing both parts to build relationship by using motivation and empathy factor. Now, I will directly come to the validating part because that’s actually what intrigued me to pen down all the sequence.

So, I while I was listening to one of a consultant on El and how it was related to design thinking, I felt mesmerized that even a marketer and a consultant feels the absolute necessity of being self-aware to be able to bring innovation in your product. Go-pro came up an example wherein the management did not think what they can offer rather they thought what the customer would want and here is the result. A complete hands down to Nikon and Kodak in this segment. Please don’t evaluate my emotions on these lines, as I am rogering what I heard. This was validation point 1 for El to be ubiquitous. Then on my way back, I called up the person responsible for my website, and while we were discussing about the contents on homepage, that software grey matter advised me to know my people and understand my self, match their need and my expertise and develop a concise content so that it can attract traffic and appear in searches- some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principle. Wow! After a marketer and a consultant the coding & designing brain also is hinting to build emotional contract with my audience, this was validation point 2 for El to be al pervasive. In evening while I was chatting with my mentor coach on developing some El content, he told me that the product will sell only if the right emotions of people are attracted through AIDA approach. And for records my mentor coach is an amalgamation of TEED(Technology, Evolution, Emotions and Design).Did I get my validating point 3? Yes, ofcourse! And as the luck would have it, one of my team member, who happens to be an Agile Coach now, briefed about how his domain respects self-awareness, and that without being self-aware he can no utilize his expertise. Isn’t the fourth point awesome? After all agile coaching has become the talk of the town in enterprises. And on the same call was another fellow mate who is a business head with an engineering consultant domain ,and also is a transformational coach; he echoed the views of the agile coach and reinforced the view that without being emotionally intelligent, no human transaction can be successful. So, here comes point 5.And yes, I forgot to add in the sequence the thought of my Image consultant friend that one must know oneself and what kind of image he wants to project and accordingly should dress, speak and carry himself. This was my cherry point 6 of validation on El being everywhere.

I am in love with the area of emotional intelligence all the more now with domain experts having validated the point from their experiences. Here I would wind up my piece, leaving you with a question.

What is your take on the importance of El, being able to know your emotions and express them as well? In a manner that the goal is achieved. Should this not be learnt by all?
Concluding note- Though we all have emotions, but how to read them and express them can be coached upon for a better and successful life.
Happy Emotions and more intelligence to us!

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