College life is the best and most crucial part of an individual career, growth, and learning. As college makes one enter adulthood, the golden and defining era of your life. In college, you learn new subjects and learn to take responsibility for your life and how the world function, and much more.

In college apart from academic life, you will make create lifelong bonds with your friends and of course romantic relationships also. In the process, you will feel some doubt, loneliness, fight, heartbreak, and academic pressure also.

So, to deal with all this you need to build high resilience power, confidence, and great value systems. There will be days you feel worthless and someday you will be on cloud nine, part of your growth journey.

Well, to help you out in your journey of adulthood and life, emotional intelligence plays an important role to have a better understanding of yourself and other people also. But you must be wondering what emotional intelligence ?? Let’s decode it and try to understand it.

Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand your feeling and other people’s emotions to understand them better and make more healthy relationships. Emotional intelligence is an essential soft skill in today and age.

Emotional intelligence is the combination of four main parameters that are self-awareness, Self-awareness, Self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. But now you must be curious about how can learn and practice emotional intelligence in daily life ??

To answer this question here is your friendly guide to develop your emotional quotient and ace your soft skills.

But you must be wondering in which areas of the area I can apply these helpful and how they would be beneficial to me ?? You can apply these in your career, building your personal, long-term relationship, raising money, or maintaining your emotional well-being.

  1. Being Self-Aware:

In the age of the internet, you will find easy answers to “How “and “WHY” about everything that interests you, but you will don’t find yourself and thoughts on the internet. For these, you have to learn and incorporate some practices like journaling, reflecting back and analyzing your mistake, maintaining your progress, and most importantly asking questioning and positive self-talk.

Jasmine was part of the cultural society in her college. But lately, she was not able to give her best, she blame herself for being lazy and went into several cycles of self-doubt and anxiety.But she then reflected back and asked some questions, realized she had not taken from the study, exams, and project work for a long time and spent time with loved ones, and after a short break, jasmine was able to perform and work to her best capability and also promoted as a team leader of the society in a short time.

  1. Social Skills And Empathy:

If you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, it does not matter. Because socializing is the core

element of your life and as humans, we need a place of belongingness. So, you must be thinking about how to come over fear of socializing?? You can start socializing with people having the same interest and mindset.

This will help you to build the muscle of people skill and it will help in your career to grow and have a great professional relationship the same applies to your https://docs.google.com/document/d/10KdL1d9YzEwwxonWMGurDhghmzZXKsBQjJDS-omDj-I/edit?usp=sharingrelationships also.

Empathy is the skill to master in the capailast world. Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s perspective by keeping yourself in their shoes, it will help you have great people skills and help or provide them better solutions ad add value to their life

  1. Collaboration:

You must have heard first be successful and then help others. But today’s world is changing and many big businesses or brands are able to succeed and crate incredible milestones, due to collaboration and partnership. Because to succeed in today’s world, you can’t win it alone in long term, you have to collaborate with others to have a long-term win and create an impact or difference in the world.

It can be your college project, asking for help where you lack, finding a co-founder for your startup idea, or anything.

  1. Maintaining Progress Journal And Documenting :

Your college days are the best days of your life, make sure you make more memories and enjoy and document also. Because documenting life will ensure you can revisit it often and help to maintain your progress journal.

So progress can be in any area of life you want to improve, it can be in health, academics, relationships, or any other. By monitoring your progress journal, you will be able to easily figure out your next step and most importantly have a great outlook on life perspective and be more self-awareness.