Role of EI in Women’s Life For Holistic Life Balance

Women’s life is like a rollercoaster ride and full of ups and downs, from managing their career, family, and own insecurities. Women as an individual have hardship in navigating life and have a great balance of emotions at the workplace or personal level.

We know women have a more emotional quotient trait, which makes them more sensitive and have a deep attachment pattern. Emotions are the basis of human life which will help you to navigate your next move and decisions.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Women’s life !!

 Women have a sheer amount of patience and are great at interpersonal skills. Women being having more emotional quotient when difficult situations or decisions making comes, their emotional intelligence comes in place. Emotional intelligence will help women make more conscious choices, take decisions, and excel in leadership positions.

Work-life balance for women is hard as she plays various roles and has to balance between the home and work. Women have tough times sometimes, managing their emotions and responding to the situation.

Factors Affecting Emotional Well-being of the women:

The workplace is an important source of both demands and pressures causing stress, and structural and social resources to counteract stress. The workplace factors that have been found to be associated with stress and health risks can be categorized as those to do with the content of work.

Unclear work or connecting roles and boundaries can cause stress, as can having responsibility for people. The possibilities for job development are important buffers against everyday stress, with under promotion, lack of training, and job insecurity being stressful. There are two other sources of stress, or buffers against stress: relationships at work, and the organizational culture.

Role of Emotional Intelligence In women’s Holistic Life Balance :

Women have to go through many emotional imbalances ranging from career choices, parental restrictions in some cases, moving to a partner home away from their own, balancing between home and job, and many more.

Women have a natural tendency to be emotional and sometimes under tough circumstances, most women take decision pressure and it results in the condition of depression, stress, and anxiety. But emotional intelligence can help you to be self-aware of your emotions, what you are going through, and your feeling also.

Muskan is a working professional and going through a tough phase of her life because the stress of work and managing the home was not keeping her emotional well-being well. So, she was not able to perform her best at her workplace and also always be under the stress at her workplace. So here comes the emotional well-being in the picture, emotions are a vital thing and it plays important role in many ways like making a crucial decision,muskan later realizes it was the imbalance in the organization of her day scheduling and making her responsible for doing all things by her together. So, then she started delegating some work and planning the day in advance and as a result, she was promoted in a few months and able to follow her hobbies also.

Emotional intelligence will not only help you to keep yourself in great mental health but also navigate difficult phases of life and your personal development also. But you must be thinking how can I apply it in my daily life?

Don’t you worry, let’s break down the practical guide to practicing emotional intelligence in daily life.

  1. Self-awareness:

You must be aware of your decisions and feelings and emotions you are going through in your life and keep a check on them on regular basis. Here are 3 ways to do it :

  1. Daily Journaling.
  2. Spending more me-time.
  3. Morning routine (set you for the day and help you achieve all your task).


  1. Taking breaks :


As a woman, they tend to put themselves in situations and are not able to take a break from daily chaos . Taking a break will help you to reflect on your life, relax, and also be able to navigate your life journey and have an enriching experience of knowing more about you.


  1. Guilt Mental Model:


As women, they are always guilty about choosing their priority between work and family. Use the priority model to deal with your guilt emotion, and when next time any situation comes, you will be able to deal with the whole situation.


Dmitri is a working mother and superwoman. She is having good career progress and personal life, but lately, she was having these feelings of missing out. With the self-introspection, she recognized she was going through emotions of guilt to leave her 2-year toddler and go to work. After realization, she started prioritizing more family time, and soon months later she was able to fix the missing factor in her life.


  1. Strong Support System :


As women have to wear many hats and as society pre convinces us of the notion of accepting women to take care of family and work and also a strong support system to whom we can rely on, there will be chances where you feel lost, not able to handle situations and many more.




There are various challenges a woman goes through at every stage of her life, from managing her career and personal life to become a mother to raising children, she plays many roles in her career. Emotional well-being will help you to navigate the life journey and will help you to lead a great life both professionally and personally as a woman. Actionable steps to maintain emotional well-being in your life are mentioned above, implement them and built the habits, and lead a life with great emotional, physical, and mental well-being.