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It’s my plan B

It's My Plan

I was on my knees, the muzzle of a 9mm pistol was staring at my temple. All the prayers I had known in my lifetime were running through my head. And was I scared? Boy, I was terrified. But how did I end up there in the first place?

The day had begun normal, Alarm, Coffee, Breakfast, News, but as I sat in my car, I could see a red light blinking on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge. “Oh great! I’ll be late now” I said to myself and pulled over to the fuel station in my locality, there was a board saying, ” OUT OF FUEL”, I then drove to the other station and the staff there told me that they were out of fuel as well. ” That’s strange”, I thought. I then heard over radio that the whole city was out of fuel, yes, the whole city. And the effects could be clearly seen, the roads started to choke, vehicles started to breakdown and there I was, stuck in a traffic jam for a little more than an hour now, already irritated, the red blinking light was adding to my aggravation. As I glanced around me, I saw that everyone was visibly frustrated and why not be.

Now, there was this guy who was walking up to people’s cars, saying something to the drivers and being cursed at. I became very curious about what he must be saying to them and after a lag which seemed like a whole lifetime to me, the guy walked up to me and probably asked me the same thing, he said, ” Want some fuel?’, the moment he said that, there was an aching urge in me to punch him right in the face, but I had to smother that feeling somehow. Then it came to me, what if he’s right and not taunting at all? The inquisitiveness in me asked him, ” How?’. The man just waved me to follow him and I did. After a fifteen-minute walk, we both were in a secluded godown, a few hundred metres off the highway.” Diesel to your left and Petrol to your right”, he announced as he entered the godown. I was astounded on seeing what I was seeing, oil barrels covered the whole dimensions of the depository.

I started to feel a bit cagey and hesitant now, for obvious reasons. What was going on here? How did this guy manage to drain the whole city of fuel in just a night? I quickly turned around and said, ” I think I should be leaving.” and as I stepped out of the storage shed, a hand on my shoulder from behind stopped me. ” You came here by choice but can’t leave the same way.” the man who brought me here was in no mood to let me go. And I replied, simply horrified, “Wait! What?” he just looked at me with a wicked smile. I realized it there and then, that I had landed myself in a pool of mud. I told the man that I didn’t want any of his fuel, I just wanted to leave, trying to act as calm as possible. He said, ” Oh! Ya don’t want to know how I caught hold of all this stuff?” ” No, I just want to leave”, I replied vaguely. “You can’t bud, you brought yourself here and now, now you’re in it.” the man said authoritatively, ” But I don’t wan ” I couldn’t even complete my statement when a blow landed on my face out of nowhere and brought me down on my knees. When I regained some focus, the muzzle of a 9mm pistol was staring at my temple. The man was now angry, he said, ” Now stay there and stay shut!” I raised my hand because it was the most prudent thing I could have done at that point of time. I was not an action hero who’d have held the barrel of the pistol with one hand and punched the gunman with the other, no, I had no knack to beat the shit out of him, he was a bald and well built figure, not that tall but well built, plus, he had a gun. And the fact that he had a gun and I didn’t made my chances of survival from slim to nil.

I was now tied up and literally thrown into a corner and I could hear that man speaking on the phone and telling someone that he had got one guy and that guy was me. I desperately wanted to get out and save myself from whatever was coming for me as I was certain that whatever it was, could not have been pleasant in any way. I started to make a plan, ‘ The Escape Plan’ just, I was not Sylvester Stallone and I certainly didn’t have Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside. So, the plan was to get out of the premises and run, run like I had never before. Obviously, it had it’s own risks, I could be shot or better still, I could fracture my leg or arm or shoulder if I fall. But taking the chance was obviously worth it.

The abductor was probably waiting for some other people to come over and do something with me, and it was the only time I had, I untied myself with a lot of labour and mind you, a lot of pain! I had freed my hands and the only thing which was pending now was to look for an opening so I could sneak out of the depository. I started making tiny movements crawling towards the door, inch by inch, very carefully. And as I was about to exit the premises, about to taste success, I saw two legs in front of me, and when I looked up, I realized that I was busted! “Too smart for that, bud.” the man said. My plan was a bummer and this guy was surely gonna kill me now. I had to think of something, some way out of the situation, there had to be someway. It was then, I saw that shiny piece of bearing within my reach, that piece of metal had full capabilities to grant me my freedom only if I used it the right way. I thought about what I could do with it and it was simple, it had to be quick and accurate and I went for it. I quickly grabbed it and swung it full power onto the man’s face, aiming for the eye and ran. I ran waiting to hear any gunshots, but there were none, I kept running towards the highway and when I reached it, I was actually happy seeing a traffic jam. The Escape Plan worked, the plan B worked rather. I was free! And I did it all alone.

This was just a fictitious take on how important a sub plan or to put it across another way, an improvisation can be. And we all do face some complicated situations where everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. We’re stuck and we don’t know what to do next because whatever happened wasn’t a part of the plan, whatever turns up is completely different.

You prepare for an examination, work hard for it but cannot crack it despite the efforts made.

You lose your job somehow and don’t know what to do next.

You’re heartbroken.

Or much simpler things like you take a route to a destination and find some construction going on, what do you do? You take a different route. Exactly is the thing with sub plans. These are the kinds of situations where a plan B kicks in and it surely can bail you out.

Whenever you see a dead end in front of you, the trick is not to feel dejected, not to panic but think calmly and pick yourself up to rise up to the occasion. And why just plan B; plan C, plan D, E, F, there are 26 letters. So why stop on B, just wink at the problems and improvise.

#Know Your Why #How will strike You

@PersonalityPerformanceBit: Stay Calm, Stay Composed, and have a Plan B for your Golden Sunrise.

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