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Leading with Emotional intelligence

Leading with Emotional intelligence

Human is a bundle of emotions, world of emotions is ever evolving and gets as complex as it can be. We then strive to sustain relations, keep ourselves and our dear ones happy. And this becomes a daily tussle which adversely impacts your performance and productivity. This workshop will equip you to acknowledge and comprehend your emotions and other’s emotions so that your behavior is goal directed.Your assessment report on your EI will be a go-to document with you to be open and agile towards a new behavior.After this workshop, you will know when to pause and how to respond, not react. When you learn to regulate your emotions and manage others emotions, your goal is attracted to you. So if you are ready to learn about the world of emotions, this is a never before opportunity for it is a trio in the offering.

TRIO offered- EI Assessment, Training & Coaching

Block your calendar from April 17-April 23, 2021

Duration – 2 hours 1900 hours- 2100 hours

Fees for TRIO- INR 20,000 (All-Inclusive)

Content Coverage:

1. Discovering the power of your emotions in daily communication

2. Building a sustainable relationship

3. Learning to deal effectively with stress and conflict

4. Maintaining Emotional Wellbeing

5. Discussion on your EI Assessment

6. 45-minute individual Coaching session post workshop

Batch Intake -20 pax

Limited intake is to ensure that focused group discussion happen and each of the participant gets a way forward to resolve issue(s) being faced in life and learn to let emotions run life, not ruin life. One achieves where s/he puts attention which from intention.

Who should attend-

Leaders, professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs as they not only need to up and maintain their personal competence but also work with others that too with a goal to achieve. People look up to you and hence it is all the more important for you to be attuned with your emotional weather almost every time. After all, you don’t want to feel fearful, anxious, angry, rejected or dissatisfied.

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