Basic and Advanced EI Coach and Practitioner

Basic and Advanced EI Coach and Practitioner

This module has z ieveis and can be taken up in conjugation or one by one.

Whatever position you are in, you being a social being have to deal with the other social being. Such dealing with each other is called transactions which require different state of emotions. Knowing those emotions, aligning them with other’s emotions and reaching our desired outcomes is all about Emotional intelligence.

This program is more of a journey that you would take up for your advancement. The endeavor through this fast-paced and simple program is to help people develop this critical & significant competency as it is the heart of anything that we do.

Learning outcome

After attending this program you will be able to recognize your triggers and label your emotions stemming thereafter and manage the same. This will enable you to deal with people and arising situations productively and effectively. This learning can be used on yourself or by you for others.


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