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Social Emotional Learning To Improve INTERPERSONAL SKILLS

In today’s era of automation where people are barely talking to each other face to face and are depending heavily on texting that too shorthand, the dire need of developing Social Emotional learning can be strongly felt. Initially its existence was discovered, today with the growing complexity the need to inculcate this learning has come to play. This is one program which is very close to my heart for I have interacted with students of varied demography and disciplines.And I found that irrespective of age ,ethnocentricity, gender, profession, experience, IQ, educational and family background this input is needed by all of us, either as basic or enhanced.

When we connect our emotions to the transactions that we carry out in society, it is termed Social Emotional Learning. And not to forget a human being can never exist in isolation and not without people for long so this is one competence that one must get a hands on experience.

Learning outcome

After attending this module one is better equipped with the tactics to deal with his emotions in a societal set-up. It is highly recommended for millennials, first-time managers, and people in the creative field or mechanistic roles like-coding, accounting, audit, medicines.


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