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Working With Emotional Intelligence

Transcending Youth Leadership

Millennials are roaring with energy, ideas, power, faith and skills. All they need is a push in the direction to effectively communicate their strengths to the corporates. They don’t shy away from growing, they are handling multiple fronts with passion and zeal to be themselves (not someone) one day. I feel honoured and elated to be serving this generation, I learn so much from them. They truly are global with no limits in their mind.

Through this program my endeavor is to make the participants more aware of the leadership skills they have, and the leadership skills they need to gain for their current or aspired role. Loads of simulations like roleplays, case discussions, real-life experiences, story-telling are used to bring cognitive ability at its highest performance point. Once the Goal Mapping is done, we start our journey together as a Coach-Coachee.

Learning outcome

After this module the participants will be able to list down the leadership skills needed in their current roles and map them with the ones present in themselves to find out gap and during the coaching sessions they will be worked upon individually.

How to build resilience and Empathy

This program is a sub child of Emotional Intelligence and focuses at developing Resilience And Empathy in the participants. If we look around in the nature we can see the power of resilience in water, flora and fauna. It is the resilience of waves by which they die on the shore and hit it again. This is analogical to the humans always thinking about being right. And the moment they go wrong, heavens fall. The ripple effect is a feeling of lowness, stress. How about developing a belief that everything cannot be right or wrong, my plans can be my way. Resilience exactly talks about the same and with this program I empower the participants with this belief using concepts of Emotional Intelligence and techniques of NLP.Yet another embedded pearl is Empathy which means feeling the other person’s emotions and

Modelling it to understand why is he reacting or responding in that manner.

Learning outcome

The participants are able to learn how to develop the belief of resilience and the art of empathy after this program.


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