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Tonality’ -Sounds a bell?


You might want to always be a winner in whatever you do, isn’t it?

Well, that was a hypnotic statement! But on a micro level, is there any element of doubt in it?

I am trying hard,let’s see what happens?”.

Try saying it in a nervous mental state and little low tone. Hmmm! well was it something that you felt good about?

I can hear you screaming “No! No! No!”, good for you.

Now say the same with confidence in your preparation,attempt and intent with happy and determined mental state and high pitch tone. Yes, that’s right! if you are feeling the pressure of your own voice in your chest. How was it? Any better? Did you say ‘yes’? Oh! I am so happy. But in case if you said ‘No, I still won’t give up. Do it one more time with second variation. And with a belief “I can do it”, this is second dimension to your tonality Law of attraction.

A person ,who wants to live a positive life, can easily attempt at it by starting to do necessary variations in tonality, as the prerequisite of convincing someone else is to have ten times more conviction in yourself; in whatever you say.

At the cost of sounding unbelievable, I am winding this post, please try this out, for your sake , for the sake of improving your state and situation.

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