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Basic And Advanced EI Coach And Practitioner

Emotional Intelligence Training

Basic and advanced EI coach and Practitioner

Interactions are crucial to human existence. These can be personal or professional, face to face or virtual, short of prolonged, interesting or mundane. They may either make you feel connected or alienated. However,recognizing the emotions that come into play during these interactions help understanding behavioral pattern that occur in day to day life. This in turn, helps navigating through life happily.

Dr. Anju provides practical and transformative practices derived from the principles of EI to empower individuals and corporate. The program, Basic and Advanced EI coach and Practitioner provides measurable and experiential learning to empower individuals and bring out a positive outlook towards life.

This course on Emotional Intelligence helps an individual:-

  • Hone interpersonal skills and connect with others.
  • Exhibit leadership skills and inspire teams.
  • Explore new avenues and take better decisions.
  • Increase productivity and performance.
  • Manage stress.
  • Enhances focus.
  • Develop conflict management skills.
  • Foster team cohesion and contribution.
  • Express effectively and manage difficult conversations.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and regulate emotions of self and others in order to communicate effectively, build strong relationships and contribute towards physical and mental well-being.

Emotional intelligence helps uncover the emotions associated with positive and negative experiences in life. This awareness helps heal the past and constructively guide one’s thinking and actions into the future.

Most of our education system and experiences have fed our IQ, which has helped in great materialistic achievements. However developing emotional intelligence helps to maintain a balance in both professional and personal life and progress towards higher levels of satisfaction, achievements and self-actualization in future.

In short EI facilitates and nurtures journey inside to bloom/grow outside.

Anyone with an intention to delve more into the world of emotions and learn the concepts of coaching around Emotional Intelligence can register for the program.

The complete Emotional Intelligence module is divided into two modules:-

  • Basic EI Coach and Practitioner
  • Advanced EI coach and Practitioner

    Basic EI coach and practitioner module is spread over duration of six days. This program is specifically designed for those who want to develop understanding of how emotions affect their actions and thought process. It helps the participants gain self-awareness and hence be able to self-regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Advanced EI coach and practitioner is a 15 days long course (including six days Basic EI coach and practitioner) developed for those who having mastered self-regulation aim to enable others in creating mental and physical well-being by unraveling the world of emotions. This is go-to-course for individuals in leadership roles as it harnesses the power of positive emotions to develop empathy, approachability and resilience required to nurture and inspire others.

Both the modules use various tools such as reading, reflective activities, exercises and detailed assessment of all competencies based on Daniel Goleman’s framework to give in depth knowledge to make emotions work in your favor.

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