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Working with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Are you confused about your feelings?
Do you find it difficult to understand why you feel what you feel?

If answer to any of these questions is Yes, then creating awareness of your emotions thorough the Emotional intelligence framework would definitely help you move ahead in life.

Our basic lessons about our emotions starts very early in our life through small exchanges that take place between us and our primary care givers. How adults and others around us respond to our emotions unconsciously shapes our response to others as we grow up. This ability to talk to self and others creates our roadmap to a balanced life. However it is largely influenced by our level of awareness and regulation of our emotions which ia a measure of our emotional intelligence level.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is ability to recognize, understand, analyze and regulate our emotions. People with high EQ scores not only identify their emotions but also those of others. In fact it can be taught and learnt throughout our lives. The major five elements of emotional intelligence are

  • Empathy
  • Self awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Motivation

It may not seem important to think about emotional intelligence when all is going well. However it is the most required skill or ability when situation around and inside us don’t seem to be in place. Experts agree that EI plays an important role in maintaining the work-life balance and helps succeed in all areas of life. Some of them are discussed below:

EI and romantic relationships: People who are high in emotional intelligence are very well equipped to handle the expectation of their partners. They even agree to disagree but with empathy.
Leaders with high EQ inspire people and think through challenges creatively.
Parents who handle their emotions raise kids who are independent, responsible and balanced.
Employees with high EQ handle criticism gracefully and perform better than others.
Emotions deeply impact our health. Taking care of emotions help in overall well-being.

Improving emotional intelligence involves working on the five components mentioned above. However there are specific activities one can practice to create more awareness, regulation of emotions etc. however it is a good idea to get a formal training to prevent falling back to old patterns of behavior. The training program provided by Dr. Anju Chawla provides a comprehensive approach to gain knowledge and develop on practical application of the theoretical concepts.

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