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Gifted Leadership occurs when heart and Head – feeling and thought meet. These are the two winds that allow a leader to soar- Daniel Goleman
• Are you a transitioning from an Individual contributor role to a team player?
• Do you want to develop your leadership skill set?
• Do you want to inspire people around you?
If answer to any of these questions is YES, then this Leadership coaching program is a go to solution for developing your leadership skills. In a world where businesses crunch on numbers and thrive on targets, leadership skills are often misunderstood to be IQ driven. Surprisingly research proves that they are more about developing connections with people at an emotional level rather than just, getting the numbers right. Leaders with higher emotional quotient are likely to make better decisions. They engage and influence people more effectively, creating an environment of trust, co-dependency and contribution.

In the hyper competitive world today, what really sets a leader effective is trust they build in their teams through non-judgmental listening, confidence and optimism they generate by working on strengths and contribution they inspire by believing in every individual’s potential. In short a great leader exhibits all the qualities of a coach. This personalized leadership coaching program is about helping leaders to:-
• Identify mismatch between organizational dynamics and employee expectations.
• Communicate effectively and inspire commitment from team members.
• Manage dispersed teams by extending influence through partners and subordinates.
• Shape the culture of the organization by leveraging performance and maximize talent.
• Develop effective strategy for change and innovation.

Dr Anju Chawla, offers a unique LEADERSHIP COACHING PROGRAM which is an amalgamation of EI framework and IQ principles. She follows a comprehensive and focused approach towards achieving the desired state of the client. The detailed process involves:-
• Building the coach-coachee relationship on the pillars of trust and commitment.
• Identification of problem and goal setting.
• Exploring the underlying beliefs, identify blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviors.
• Facilitating transformation within by developing a fresh vision.
• Develop a strategic plan, build required skill set and dwell on the elements required to succeed
• Create accountability and ownership for clients’ success.

Dr. Anju Chawla has diverse experience in Learning and Development space with a wide variety of clients throughout the world. Her clientele includes people from various demography and industry ranging from emerging to rising and C-suite leaders. She is committed to provide easily accessible, tailored coaching at an affordable price point. Acting as a trusted sounding board, she helps
• Develop self-awareness
• Clarify goals
• Achieve developmental objectives
• Unlock the potential you treasure

This Leadership coaching program provides one on one coaching session that helps to
• Shift the overwhelmed state of affairs to clarity and focus.
• Push away difficult conversation to speak with rigor.
• Develop lacking executive outreach to inspiring and commanding presence.
• Transitioning the career roadblocks with confidence.

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